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Understanding Video Poker Rules for Better Winnings

The rules in video poker can be far simpler than in many games, and it won’t take you long to grasp them. Understanding the rules can be vital for ensuring that you make correct judgments in betting and are not confused by play and payout systems. In addition, due to video poker being a slots game, understanding how slot titles work will offer you an even better grip on the game.

Video Poker Card Rankings

Card rankings in video poker are fairly easy to understand, and fall in line with many other games. There are no surprises here and a deck of cards is ranked lowest to highest by numerical value and then Jack, Queen, King. Meanwhile, the Ace can be both the highest and lowest card in the game, offering you possible winning hands of Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace or Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Video Poker Hand Rankings

Whilst video poker does vary from one online casino to the next, most hand rankings normally fall within a specified range. Payouts will also vary, but there are many generalizations that can be used when you’re first learning the game. After the final five cards have been dealt, the video poker hands are judged, offering you the chance to see whether you’ve won or lost. If maximum bets have been placed, you can expect a Royal Flush to win around 2,000 points; a lucrative win if you’re lucky enough to get it. After this the points drop, with a Straight Flush expected to offer 250 points whilst Four of a Kind provides 125 points. At the lower end of the scale, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and a Pair normally offer 15, 10 and 5 points respectively.

Betting and Progressive Jackpots

Video poker is part of a progressive jackpot game, allowing you the possibility to have a shot at winning millions of dollars. However, this requires that you play with maximum bets all the time; an option that many can’t afford. If your bankroll is less substantial, opt for fewer credit wagers and whilst you won’t be able to play for big jackpots, you could still note lucrative wins.